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Do it with passion or not at all


Ive got too much to think about lately. I’m going nuts! And also my throat is sore AGAIN. Well it has been On/Off sore all summer but now its been all week and i feels like its getting worse by everyday. Sucks! There’s nothing worse than having a sore throat! 

Anyhow, today is my favurite day, it’s TATE & EMi daay!! 

This morning he let me sleep 10 more minutes than usually, and later we were just cuddling and watching BabyTv. Oh it’s amazing how close we have become, me and tate.
We also went to a new playground in town, well not new, jsut new for us as we havent been there before.

Now he’s “sleeping” – he’s jumping in his bed, singing and skreaming “ämmii,ämmiii..” ahahah 

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