Wicked Night @ The Slug | Emilia Järvenlahti

Emilia Järvenlahti


Wicked Night @ The Slug


Last night was crazy. Went first to a Birthday party to Miksu’s, we celebraated her host mum. Sat on the terrce drinking and laughing. 

We even did few Jaloviina shot’s – it’s awfully strong finnish alcohol.. urgh its so disgusting! Later we hit The Slug in Wimbledon and there the party started, Riding the bull, drinking laughing dancing… The list can be long. 

On the taxi on my way home i was sick so the poor taxi driver stopped the car and i “ran” out to puke… omg i was so embressed!!! Well that’s what happend when your drinking REALLY FAST and don’t stop haha I even bought a box meal from KFC, you think i ate it? Nope i came home and ate ONE chicken wing and one or two chips – that’s it.! Not feeling very vell ???


This morning i wake up around 6:30 and could not sleep anymore after that – My sore throat again. 




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