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Fault in our stars


Friday, what a feeling! Was home already at 10am, Was looking after my little man til mum came home from work. This is the first weekend i can totally relax after coming home to Finalnd. As last weekend was personal training weekend. AND next weekend will be PT weekend again (!!) 

I went to Kokkola with mum and Aaron on the afternoon, I didn’t find anything nice, mum find all kind of stuff to decorate our home with etc. She always have some new projects on..

I also watched the movie The fault in our stars, I could barely watch the movie as it is so really sad, but then so beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. I totally recommend it.


Aaron was so adorable today i mean, just look at these lovely pic’s =’)


Bild 2014-08-29 kl. 21.50 #2Bild 2014-08-29 kl. 21.52Bild 2014-08-29 kl. 21.57



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